Panoramic Video

Research Task:


Panoramic GoPro rig designed by Loudon Stearns

Panoramic or immersive video is a video recording of a real world scene, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction, up down & sideways.

Here is an example of panoramic video created by retrofitting a high definition video camera with a catatropic half-sphere mirror lens.

Catatropic panoramic video from Imaging Belfast, John Craig Freeman with Bobby Foster and Albert Hazlett, the Bard of the Shankill, West Belfast, 2009.

Here is the same shot unfolded using an equirectangular projection created with a Polar Coordinate Distortion filter.

Unfolded equirectangular projection video.

Equirectangular projection maps meridians to vertical straight lines of constant spacing for meridional intervals of constant spacing, and circles of latitude to horizontal straight lines of constant spacing for constant intervals of parallels.

The resulting movie can then be texture mapped into the interior of a simple polygonal sphere with reversed normals using an integrated game development authoring software suite like Unity 3D.

Screen recording from Imaging Belfast with Eamon Maguire at the Conway Mill, West Belfast, 2009.

Research Task: Create and iPad App in Unity 3D. The app must do the following:

  • Display a 3D sphere
  • Play an equirectangular projection movie texture mapped to the inside of the 3D sphere
  • View the movie using the iPad pan and tilt capabilities
  • Display panoramic movie objects at specific GPS coordinates using geolocated augmented reality






Panoramic Still Photography

Must support 360X180 full spherical panoramas with HTML5 output for mobile devices.

Stitching Sollutions


Place-Based Virtual and Augmented Reality


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