Project Proposal

PROJECT PROPOSAL: Each student will present a project proposal to the class. We will discuss the proposal and either approve the project or recommend changes. Students will be evaluated on the quality of the idea, the proposal and the presentation. Test your work and equipment ahead of time. The proposals must include: a concept narrative, a script (if applicable), a storyboard, and a production schedule.

• The Concept Narrative should be concise and to the point and should be around 750 words. The content will make up the oral part of the presentation to the class, but should not be read aloud.

• If a script is applicable to your proposed project, write one.

• The Storyboard should include high quality digital color illustrations at a 960 x 540, 72 dpi.

• The production schedule should be organized and succinct and must include a software training plan. Include specific dates and benchmarks specific to your needs.

Presentations are formal and should be prepared and rehearsed ahead of time. Save the presentation in a folder titled lastname_firstname and place it in the Assignments_In folder prior to the critique.

Create Storyboard Frames

  • Download the Storyboard_Assets
  • Launch Photoshop
  • File > Open = Storyboard_Frame.psd
  • Inspect layers
  • storyboard_frame

  • Paint background on “Paint Layer Bkg” layer in Storyboard_Frame.psd
  • Paint foreground on “Paint Layer 01” layer in Storyboard_Frame.psd
  • Pressure_Differencial

    Bamboo System Preferences


  • Fill in Shot #, Duration and Frame Annotation layer in Storyboard_Frame.psd
  • File > Save As = Storyboard/01.jpg

Create Storyboard Sequence


  • Image > Duplicate
  • √ Duplicate Merged Layers Only
  • Image > Image Size > Width = 256 pixels
  • Select > All
  • Edit > Copy
  • File > Open = Storyboard_Composite_01-16.psd
  • Edit > Paste

Nonlinear Storyboards



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